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Below you will find the list of names on the World War I Service Roster Plaque located at the VFW Post 3500 at 1717 S. Big Bend Blvd, Richmond Heights, MO 63117.  

Our committee is seeking the family and/or friends of these individuals so we can honor them at the Veterans Day Ceremony in November 2018.  

Veterans Memorial Committee

If a loved one is listed on this plaque, please complete the short form below.  


  Lee T. Goff                       Charles Gray                             Manual Johnson                                  Roy E. Lile
                                          Walter M. Rupert                       Roy G. Winzenburg

C.W. Backland  

Charles Bante
Harry Bante
A.J. Biggs
Chester Brewer
Samuel Brewer
Victor Brewer
Edward Buchanan
Kenneth E. Buchanan
Edmund A. Buehning
Walter A. Buehning
Walter Craig
L.F. Davis
Earl Dickson
Milton L. Doerbaum
Raymond F Doerbaum

F.C. Douglas
Phil Forkner
A.M. Gloeckner
Frank L. Grutsch
Raymond D. Grutsch
Harry Hall
G.W. Hansen
C.F. Herr
Raymond Herr
Austin Hoffman
James Horton
Frank Horton
Russell E. Hughes
William C. Hunter
Henry Johnson
J.D. Kerr

F.R. Lindenstein
Roy Manners
John Martin
Charles Maurer
Ralph McGaghey
Harry O. Moline
John Moore
J.J. Moroney
S.H. Morton, Jr.
Arley Norris
F.J. O'Connell
James C. O'Keefe
Lester A. O'Keefe
Fred Olsen
E.D. Owens
J.A. Robinson
H. Seibert
William Shore
Hans Sorrensen
Edward Stellweg
Fredric D. Stillman
Albert Stueck
Harry Turner
Glenwood F. Voges
Homer Ward
Lee Weaver
P.A. Williams
Walter Wilson
Frank Willson
Leslie White
A. Woods
Man Woodson